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  • Acid & Alkaline by Herman Aihara

Acid & Alkaline by Herman Aihara


This book provides a detailed look into the acid alkaline principle, how to determine acid and alkaline forming foods, charts for balancing meals by acid and alkaline, sections on dietary treatments, plus recommendations to stop or prevent cancer growth.

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Acid & Alkaline by Herman Aihara meets Yin and Yang

Herman Aihara has succeeded in his attempt to integrate the concepts and the philosophies underlying Western and Eastern health science. Together they make a unified and practical approach which when applied to life leads to balanced health.


“East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet,” said Rudyard Kipling. He lived in the Orient too soon. If he lived there now his opinion would be much different.

Judo, karate and other martial arts have thousands of students and are important sports in the Western world: they will be practiced even at the elementary level in the near future. They have a different spirit than football or baseball. They are aiming more at spiritual than physical development. The West is learning something from the East.

Japan learned how to make the automobile, camera, transistor, etc., from the West. Its industry was built with Eastern spirit, adding Western technology, Japan’s products are now so superb that one of the largest auto makers in the West is dying.

East and West have met and are creating a tremendous civilization. This will be realized in the 21st century. It is starting already. Judo, Aiki, Zen, Yoga, television, and Transistors are the first stage of such a civilization. At the fifth and sixth stages of judgement, East and West will meet at the religious and conceptual levels. This will be very difficult. When they merge, one world will be established.

My purpose in writing this book is to guide the general public of the West to accept the Eastern concept of science and apply it to Western thought in medicine. This will be a great benefit for our benefit.”

Herman Aihara

November, 1979

Aihara, Herman. Acid & Alkaline. Oroville, California: George Oshawa Macrobiotic Foundation, 1986.




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